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Welcome to AAA Interiors. Congratulations on your dream house. We are committed to provide best in class utility spaces which are cost effective and innovative.

Each individual inherently holds a view of life. A perspective of life. Your living space can be a reflection of this perspecive. Royal theme, spiritual theme, contemporary theme, Hybrid theme are some of the themes. We will work with you to design the right theme for you.

Below are the typical specifications giving transparency, quality guarantee and finishing.

  1. 19 mm BWR /or19mm BWP IS 0 710 grade plywood (optional)will be used.
  2. Lamination with selected design of worth Rs900/Rs 1200* with 1mm thickness will be affixed on the front side. All ISO 9001 certified company products will be used.
  3. Inside half white lamination with 0.8mm will be used.
  4. Beading is of teakwood of no 1 quality.
  5. Stainless steel/Brass hard ware.
  6. Modiguard/saint gobain glass will be used.
  7. In kitchen room 19mm water proof Plywood with laminated shutter baskets with standard/ Godrez telescopic channels.

* Rates are subjective to change

After every assignment, we do humble contribution to the activities of iGO Green foundation (http://www.igogreenfoundation.org )