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-Customer Speak
   - S Bhaskaram, Development Officer, LIC.
"I had to spend lot of money to buy a new hosue. Then I thought I will save money in things like interior work etc., I alwyas thought I had good contacts in plywood shops and I thought I know carpenters well. Later I realized how naive that idea was!! Thanks to AAA Interiors, I have quality interior work, saved on time and money"

   - K Krishnamurthy, Senior Manager, Birla Tyres.
"I don't work in Hyderabad. I needed reliable and trustworthy people to do interior work for my house in Hyderbad. AAA Interiors proved to be the right choice. It is not just a profession for them but a passion"

   - A Somasundar, Project Manager, HCL Tech.
"Work completed as per schedule and quality. Ideal choice for people looking for professional service with appropriate pricing."

   - Sekhar Babu Madala – Managing Director, Computer Solutions and Software International(CSSI), Madhapur, Hyderabad.
"I had big plans for my villa, but I also did not want to go overboard on the budget for all the inovative ideas that I had. AAA was the perfect choice"

After every assignment, we do humble contribution to the activities of iGO Green foundation (http://www.igogreenfoundation.org )