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      The carpenters held an important place in the social life of historc India and was in fact called the Sutradhar or the "holder of the liner'. Mention of carpenters is also in the Rig Veda where elaborate directions as to the season and manner of felling a tree, seasoning of the wood and the making of the different articles required are given.

      In Andhra Pradesh wood carving has been practised in many parts. Kondapalli woodedn toys and articrafts are world famous. http://www.aptourism.in/index.php/k2-separator/k2/item/168

      "The most highly organized and efficient of the ancient Indian industrial classes was Virpanchal comprising Goldsmiths, coiner blacksmiths, carpenters and masons. In the finest period of Indian art, particularly between eighth and ninth century, they claimed and enjoyed good social status in the community. The art of engraving, sculpture and wood carving had attained a high stage of development. It was exclusively cultivated by Panchals who wore sacred thread and considered themselves as Vishwakarma Brahmans. The craftsman being deeply versed in national epic literature always figured in the history of India as missionaries of civilization, culture and religion. The intellectual influence being creative and not merely assimilative was at least as great as that of the priest and the author".

      Currenlty Contemporary carpenters are deprived of not only this social status but also the earnings potential. We are committed to lend respect to this age old profession; provide sustainable and regular income to our team(s) there by enhancing thier ability for better life standards and education. We are grateful to our customers who particiapte in this humble endeavour, everytime they place an order with us.

After every assignment, we do humble contribution to the activities of iGO Green foundation (http://www.igogreenfoundation.org )